This is what we do

At Creative Meetings we are a team of event specialists who help you communicate through events and meetings. We offer strategies and implementation of B2B-events and B2E-events that generate real results. We create, project manage and deliver conferences, kick-offs, parties, trips, exhibitions, gala dinners, jubilees as well as digital meetings for our clients.

We analyze your needs and help you reach your goals by creating value with a high level of creativity in our event methods. We have produced an unbelievable 5000+ meetings and events since the start of the business in 1999.

Event production

What is event production?

You want to create an event that requires a certain level of creativity and smart content. You want it to be cost effective and managed in a way that saves you time in planning. The Creative Meetings brand promises are very tangible here:


We will deliver the best solution there is.


We have done this thousands of times and we work with processes that free up a lot of employee time for you.


As one of the biggest agencies in the business, we have great purchase prices.


Your event is the most important thing that will happen to you during the year. Getting external help can feel a little scary. We will be there for you all the way to make sure you feel safe!



Contact: Juha Airén

When do you need help with event production?

Kick-off / Conference / Travelling / Road Shows / Client Activities / Parties / Anniversaries / Opening Ceremonies

Typical clients:

Project Manager / Event Committee / CEO Assistant

Communication in meetings and content

What is communication in meetings and content?

It means having clear communication needs. This of course requires creativity and detailed planning - but also a message that reaches the audience, a measurable effect of the event and well-formulated, clear goals and objectives for the event from the start. 

Contact: Lotta Karlsvärd

Examples of meeting communication & content:

Internal and external conferences / kick-offs / other contexts depending on background

Typical clients:

HR Manager / Communications Manager / Marketing Manager / CEO


What is digtal?

More and more companies are in need of digital meetings, maybe as a part of a physical meeting or as a substitute. We are happy to help You with all Your needs. Creative Meetings have extensive experience within various forms of digital meetings, both large and small. There are are a lot of different options to consider:

  • Send live with stream, pre-record in advance or mix both of these formats.
  • Interaction between viewers and studio or focus on sending a specific message.
  • All the way from a small information meeting to a large scale staff kick-off or a customer event with exhibition and parallell tracks.
  • We can build a studio in Your office or welcome You to a pre-set studio already built by one of our partners.

We would gladly help You with practical planning, manuscript production, tech production, suggesting elements for humor and energy and different formats for interaction and dialogue.



Contact: Carl Knutas

When do you need help with digital meetings?

Kickoff / Conference / Client activity

Typical clients:

Project Manager / CEO / Communications Director / HR Manager / Marketing Director / CEO Assistant

Meeting strategy

What is meeting strategy?

Are you a person in a decision-making position who realizes how extremely powerful meetings can be as a way of communication? Are you willing to spend time creating a meeting culture where you can show high ROI throughout the chain and where meetings are one of your priority channels for internal and/or external communication? Then we should meet up! We initiate a process with you where we jointly develop a framework that is likely to revolutionize your perception of what meetings can and should provide.  Everything is based on your overall strategies and goals and you as an employer will become a hero in your organization!

Contact: Lotta Karlsvärd

When do you need help with meeting strategy?

When your organization needs a clear framework to form all the meetings and events you conduct.

Typical clients:

CEO / Communications manager