Teracom Kaknästornet 50 år

An event to observe and celebrate Stockholm's tallest building and one of Sweden's most famous symbols.

We set up a large tent pavilion in the parking lot in front of the Kaknäs tower and we had 1000 visitors during a sunny Saturday in May. Inside the tent, visitors were able to climb the tower using VR glasses, eat jubilee cake and have their photos taken wearing typical clothes from the 60s when the tower was inaugurated.

Food trucks served food, troubadours entertained in the crowd, bouncy castles were filled with children and eager guests were able to visit the exhibition area with films about Kaknäs' exciting history. Everyone was given the opportunity to build their own tower from our tank with 100 kg Lego bricks and in smaller cardboard models where you could cut and paint your own Kaknäs tower.


A day that offered something for everyone!