If you as an authority do something that is not considered good enough, it is immediately noticed. But you are rarely praised for the work you actually do. The Swedish Tax Agency has made a long journey and worked successfully on how to respond to citizens, but it is easy for the individual employee to forget in everyday life that they are doing a good job.

A proper reminder was needed with full focus on everything good the employees do every day. There was a need to stop and inject 100% pride among 1400 employees. The message was that you should be proud to work at the Swedish Tax Agency, the Stockholm region. The primordial to all event measurements - to build pride - was the main message of the day.

To bring the message to life, the day was built at a high pace with lots of humour and warmth. And everything revolved around “Pride.” The participants had to contribute in advance to the packaging and were also a key part of the event itself.

Internal employees' success stories were lifted on stage and for the first time awards were given to several of the employees in different categories.

Some examples of the effect of the day:

• 95.9% state that they are as proud or prouder to be part of the Swedish Tax Agency as before the Regional Day.

• 52.8% believe that the togetherness has been strengthened as a direct result of the Region Day.

• 43.3% will initiate more conversations with colleagues as a direct result of the Regional Day.

• Knowledge of the regional management has increased after the Region Day + 12.7%

Given that we are talking about the Swedish Tax Agency, it was not unexpected that the media would write about the event in negative terms, even though the authority followed guidelines and kept within its financial framework. The criticism was met in a concise way as everyone was well prepared.

This led to a debate article in which the CEO of Creative Meetings stood up for the client and the entire meeting industry. A debate blossomed in social media and most of the comments were in “our favour”. 

The project was carried out under Svenska Möten's management with Creative Meetings as hired content producer.