Tyskt Försäkringsbolag

A German company rewarded their most successful salespeople with an incentive trip to Sweden. We picked them up from the airport and they were taken to the Vaxholm castle where they experienced a typical Swedish midsummer celebration with visits from charming Astrid Lindgren characters. When the folk dance slowed down, the guests were taken to a gigantic crayfish party – a totally new experience for our German friends.

The guests cruised into the city and Hotel Clarion Sign by boat. The hub of the hotel was “the Good Life Lounge” – a gigantic living room - where you could meet up with colleagues at any time of the day. Snacks, waffles, massage, video games and a beautifully decorated environment created the optimal gathering place.

The first evening the guests were taken for a journey in time to one of Alfred Nobel’s dynamite factories in the 1880s. There were actors, huge test explosions, custom-built furniture, serving staff who turned out to be circus artists and much more. The evening continued at a high pace at the after party at the hotel. The guests listened to some of the Swedish rock band Europe’s hits before the night was over.  The next day offered a vast number of adventure trails with everything from rib boats and museum visits, to roof walks and Swedish cooking.

The groups were collected at Gröna Lund, which was hired for the day. Lunch was served and the guests could go on dizzying amusement rides in the park. The evening featured a grand ceremony celebrating the top sellers. The circus artists from Cirkus Cirkör and Bounce presented specially written numbers and the awards were handed out by Swedish winners such as the cross-country skier Magdalena Forsberg and the football goalkeeper Ronnie Hellström. The dinner was served in the Golden Hall in the Stockholm City Hall where different artists interpreted ABBA from five different music perspectives – from opera to club style.

An after party followed at the hotel with Dr. Alban who raised the roof. The next day started at the Royal Swedish Opera where a specially produced scavenger hunt was introduced.  The groups now had to navigate around Stockholm where they encountered a large number of actors as well as various challenges. At lunchtime, everyone landed at Skansen for a Swedish smorgasbord and then they continued to the final destination: the Vasa Museum.

The last evening the guests were taken through a nine-course dinner at Berns accompanied by the magical drum circus of Con Rytmo. At the after party Con Rytmo returned in a spectacular way as a the gigantic mirror ball in the room turned out to house two musicians. The mirror ball opened up and the party started.

A Swedish music hit cavalcade followed with artists such as Harpo, Nenneh Cherry, Charlotte Perelli, E-type, Emilia and when "Cotton Eye Joe" started, no one could stand still. A worthy ending for a fantastic event!