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Project enquiry:

  • Andrea Scharfstein

    KAM / employed since 2007

    It says in our sales material that we should have fun at work. Producing creative meetings and events requires a fun team – I am part of one. When I’m not working (What! When?) I devote myself to cooking, running and singing.

  • Benjamin Ekman

    KAM / employed since 2006

    I worked at my first event ever for Creative Meetings in 2006 and I’m still here and I’ve gained experience in all parts of an event. Nowadays I’m a dedicated project manager at the same place where I once started. I love exercise and food – in all forms!

  • Carl Knutas

    KAM / employed since 2007

    I’ve been in the event industry since 2000, at Creative since 2007. I have organised big and small – simple and complex events. You get the best result when the customer is committed, and we have a good time together. Perhaps the most fun job in the world?

  • Charlotte Berggren

    Project manager / employed since 2012

    A true Stockholmer and quick to laugh! The event industry is perfect when you are a control freak who loves to see people meet. I have been a part of the Creative family since 2012. I started as an intern and since then I have had different roles at the company. Today I’m a project manager and the unspoken IT support at the office.

  • Dan Epel

    Partner / KAM / employed since 1999

    I’ve been at Creative since the start. My passion is to do great business and make our clients feel like they get value for the money they invest and have fun along the way.

  • Dan Scharfstein

    KAM / employed since 2004

    - What do you want to be when you grow up? a newspaper asked me back in 1971. – A football pro, I answered, wearing my favourite piece of clothing: my Djurgården shirt, shorts and socks. It didn’t turn out that way, instead the journey took me to Creative in 2004, through work with – among other things – summer camp, taxi driver and the security industry.

  • Elin Karlsson

    Project manager / employed since 2019

    I got a foot in the door at the Creative family during the winter of 2018 when I started as an intern. I went to France for a year and when I came back, I chose to join the family again! I love live music, cooking and laughing!

  • Juha Airén

    KAM / employed since 2005

    I have several great passions besides my work and my fantastic clients. I am passionate about playing paddle and I have a great musical interest – I’m still an active DJ. On weekends I prefer spending time with my family in peace and quiet in the countryside.

  • Kajsa Wåhlin

    AD / employed since 2016

    The Art Director of Creative, graphic designer, web producer or in short, the person who says; “This needs to look better”. When I’m not building event websites or designing printed matter - I might be building houses, carpenter or renovate, navigate a boat or windsurf in the sea. I enjoy myself the most when I’m with my family and cat at our summer place!

  • Karin Hellman

    Project manager / employed since 2016

    A cheerful girl from Gothenburg who misses the salty splashes from the sea but not the whipping winds. Before Creative Meetings I devoted myself to arranging sports events: horse jumping, triathlon, golf, you name it! I like yellow tulips, disgusting sweets and sailing.

  • Kiki Helmin

    Content producer and project manager / employed since 2018

    From the province of Östergötland and I rather see the glas half full and I’ve eaten my fair share of tapas during my years I Barcelona. Former journalist and I believe in meetings as a way of communication. I have the bad habit of using puns.

  • Kristin Björklund

    KAM / employed since 2016

    A sommerlier-trained Thai boxer with a couple of fights under my belt. I’m the office sports manager and I make sure that my colleagues get to try new sports, everything from gear gymnastics to racquetball. Although I do many events in Sweden, I often pack my Creative suitcase and go abroad to organise events. Hidden talent: I have a flair for axe throwing.

  • Lina Samuelsson

    Project manager / Sustainability manager / employed since 2016

    The office sustainability fighter with a lot of experience behind me, for example professional dancer, waitress and touring concert crew. I love humour, live shows and energizing event content so confetti and pyrotechnics is rarley a bad idea according to me! On my free time I’m enjoying life and garden work at my summer house.

  • Lollo Hedin

    KAM / employed since 2016

    Cheerful and curious! I enjoy life and all its challenges. Meetings with other people that turn into long-term relationships make me grow as a person. These people, my colleagues and being able to see the world are the best things about this job. I do approximately four events abroad per year. Right now, I love playing padel and I do it as often as I can. The best things in life? My three magical children, dog and two cats – closely followed by cheez doodles and salty chocolate.

  • Peter Winitsky

    CEO / employed since 1999

    A passionate event and meeting specialist with a preference for measurable results. And Malmö FF. I’ve been at Creative since the start – a windy day in April 1999. Many amazing experiences have come along the way since then…

  • Robin Goldman

    Cross Media Producer / employed since 2012

    I’ve run road racing on almost every track in Sweden. I’m also a skilled fly fisher. I like to cook and mend cars. I’ve worked with editing for almost 30 years. ZTV once was my second home. A graphics nerd.

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