Octapharma Brewery Inauguration

Creative Meetings was asked to produce the inauguration of Octapharma's newly renovated brewery, with the purpose to serve as both an office and a bistro for the staff. The challenge was to get everyone to visit all floors and to give them an unexpected experience of their new office.

Since the building used to be a brewery, the theme was obvious - we chose to set the event as a trip around the world with beer from different countries.

The inauguration was held in a large tent in the courtyard where, among other things, the company's self-brewed beer was served. Afterwards, the guests could visit all areas of the new house - for the day divided into different continents and filled with music, culture and happenings. From ping pong-playing people from China and line-dancing Americans to a didgeridoo player from Australia and Oompah music from Germany!