Octapharma Values Launch

Almost all companies have well-formulated values. Almost as many companies have them lying in a box without permeating the business or fulfilling a function. How many employees can even mention their workplace values? The assignment to clarify the values of a company is probably the most common brief an event agency can get. This time we had a client who really wanted a change. A great deal of effort had been spent on identifying and formulating the values and establishing them in the operations. The next step was to prioritize the project and get results from it. Using the physical meeting as a tool was obviously a very wise start.

Octapharma's 860 employees span a wide range of professional roles. We realized early on that this needs to be broken down on departmental level in order to gain a foothold.

The process therefore consisted of a six-stage process.

1) The rating card - a sustainability-adapted printed matter was distributed with a description of the values ​​and related clarifications.

2) The Value Day - a kickstart for all employees with good internal examples - with appointed values ambassadors as stage guests.

3) The Value Wall - On the physical Value Wall you had to put up labels where you nominated colleagues that best live by the values and also write a motivation, 170 nominations were received!

4) Leadership workshops - all the employees with staff responsibility had to undergo training so that they could train all their employees.

5) Group training - the employees' closest manager acted as trainers - to give credibility, attention and anchoring in the workday.

6) A Christmas party – the person who best lived by the company values was selected and awarded.

Result: digital measurements were performed at two different occasions to measure the movement.

Some of the measured attitude and knowledge changes:

1. I feel that Octapharma as a company today lives its values: + 10% (initial value 75%)

2. I feel that today I can use the values ​​in my daily work: +17 %

3 I feel that the company's values ​​help us reach our goals: + 18%

4. Do you know today what all our five values ​​are? + 95%

Summary: one of the most classic event enquiries - "help us bring our values ​​to life" - was handled through a long process of six different stages.

It was a solid ambition without complicating things unnecessarily. Everything was built with the employees in focus - at all levels - and focused on good examples to make a complex issue more easily accessible. From already high levels, all attitudes increased significantly and Octapharma has now laid the foundation for really letting the values ​​create measurable business value. Imagine what benefits the physical meeting can create!