After working remotely for a long time, it was obvious that Vasakronan was missing something – to meet. One can meet up in many ways. The solution was a live-streamed digital kick-off full of interactivity, conversations and videos.

o   We created humour, warmth and energy in the program by adding light-hearted elements throughout the entire show.

o  Our outstanding house band Poplabbet framed the whole event with live music.

o During the event we let the attendees answer questions and ask questions of their own. We also added a lot of easy-going competitions. Among other things we had photo competitions where participants interpreted Vasakronan’s values and also photos where attendees showed the most creative home office environment.

o  One of all the charming details were the cookie doughs that were delivered to all 300 employees. The cookies were then baked and enjoyed in a “communal” fika.

o   There was also a poll going on throughout the event, where attendees got to vote on (or suggest) what the MD should do at the end of the show. The digital cheers were immense when she was voted to sing a song with the band.