Succesful meetings

Since the start in 1999, we have conducted more than 5 000 successful meetings and events for companies and organizations around the world. Below you can be inspired by some of them.

Event production

  • Hjärt-Lungfonden

    Together with our client Hjärt-Lungfonden, we arranged a road show to which people who participated in Hjärt-Lungfonden's world-unique SCAPIS project were invited.

  • Sveriges Arkitekter

    The Architectural Gala annually gathers the entire architecture industry and since the format was recreated in 2016, we have had the privilege of producing this event together with Sweden's Architects.

  • Adobe Symposium

    For Adobe Symposium we booked the Globe and created a great experience market with a big main stage that could be turned into three.

  • Teracom

    An event to observe and celebrate Stockholm's tallest building and one of Sweden's most famous symbols.

  • Ronald McDonald Children's Fund

    For a number of years Creative Meetings has had a large CSR commitment where we in various ways support the Ronald McDonald Children’s fund.

  • German insurance company

    A German company rewarded their most successful salespeople with an incentive trip to Sweden. We picked them up from the airport and they were taken to the Vaxholm castle.

  • Kommuninvest

    We arranged a meeting spot in the heart of Almedalen, where internal and external meetings were held in daytime and evening hours with discussions about public funding in a pleasant setting. Almedalen rocks!

  • Nissan

    The purpose of Nissan Working Stars Tour was to show the fleet of LVC cars to the real heroes in the country: the craftsmen. We built a trailer, offered breakfast, planned competitions where they could win gift certificates.

  • Evry

    EVRY is one of the Nordic region’s leading IT companies with 10 000 employees in 50 different locations. We helped the Swedish organisation gather for a jampacked day that ended with a party.

  • Älvsbyhus

    Älvsbyhus wanted to celebrate its 70th anniversary and invited all the employees in the Nordic countries and their significant other to an evening gala in Stockholm.

  • Octapharma

    Creative Meetings was asked to produce the inauguration of Octapharma's newly renovated brewery, with the purpose to serve as both an office and a bistro for the staff.

  • Meritmind

    Meritmind wanted to go on a conference trip with elements of heat, activities, leisure, conference, good food, beautiful surroundings and all this with reasonable flight times without any stopovers

  • Secret client

    This company wanted to celebrate that they became market leader in Northern Europe in its sector and invited all employees to celebrate in Stockholm.

Communication in meetings and content

  • Folktandvården

    Small meetings for training and communicating the message internally took place at each clinic and one week before the launch of the offer everyone was invited to a kick-off.

  • Episerver

    In order to create an impact in the industry we chose the Globe as the venue and 1000 participants were gathered during the two-day event.

  • Elektroskandia

    When Electroskandia inaugurated their new logistics centre in Örebro they invited their employees from all over the country. Creative Meetings helped create the conference that took place at the venue Conventum in Örebro.

  • Sharp

    Sharp wanted to show their total offer to their clients and partners – so we created the concept “House of Sharp” – come home to Sharp.

  • Proact

    A successful attempt to join forces and unite all the colleagues from the offices around the world. Prague was chosen as the destination for logistical reasons and we welcomed 600 people from 14 countries to a two-day conference.

  • ICT Company

    The company needed to make the employees understand the new global strategy, to work together more clearly both internally and externally. The main focus was growth - which is why we built the event around the name "Growth Day".

  • Skatteverket

    If you as an authority do something that is not considered good enough, it is immediately noticed. But you are rarely praised for the work you actually do.

  • Kommek

    More than 2700 visitors gathered for two days in Malmö to attend 60 seminars and meet over 70 exhibitors.

  • Reitan

    Reitan Convenience gathers almost 1000 people each year; franchisees, suppliers and employees in the service office - to a two-day national meeting.

  • Unit4

    Unit4 decided to gather all their clients in one meeting instead of the traditional four different user meetings.

  • Swedish Match

    The purpose was to unite spark and dialogue and create an understanding for the company’s values, culture and the vision “A world without cigarettes”.

  • Octapharma

    The assignment to clarify the values of a company is probably the most common brief an event agency can get. This time we had a client who really wanted a change.

  • Proact Sync

    Sync was held in Stockholm and Gothenburg with 250 participants. Comments like "the best event I've ever been to" were nice to read after a lot of hard work.

  • Din Bil

    Din Bil gathered all their employees in Sweden for the first time for a kick-off. In addition to social values, the focus was on discussing the future of the car manufacturing business in general and the company in particular.

  • Ramboll

    In 2018, Ramboll stepped in as a new title sponsor for the Stockholm Half Marathon wanted to lift the entire race to new levels and build Ramboll's brand in Sweden stronger.

  • PwC

    The TUR Games in 2019 gathered more than 2200 employees at PwC and included the usual social interaction, as well as the inspirational part.

  • Entreprenörsgalan

    How can you create a Corona-safe gala?

  • Vasakronan

    After a long period of working from home, it became clear that Vasakronan were missing something – to meet.

  • Snowflake

    How can a cool start up in the IT industry be heard with all the noise from all digital events that are being launched today?

  • Retail Awards

    Retail Awards is organized to promote and celebrate successful businesses, individuals and investments within retail.