The TUR Games in 2019 gathered more than 2200 employees at PwC and included the usual social interaction, as well as the inspirational part. However, the activity block underwent a complete makeover. Since the 1970s, the offices have challenged each other in sports competitions such as football, soccer and other team sports. In 2019, for the first time, nothing like that was offered.

The TUR Games 2019 got rid of its ending - and was renamed TUR2019. The "games" were history and the hours that previously involved competing on various sport courses now included competitions on a completely different level. 2 000 employees set aside four hours each to get involved in a series of activities that makesa difference for our planet or our fellow humans.  All round Örebro, the employees at PwC offered a total of 8 000 hours of passionate efforts - in the part of TUR2019 which was named "8 000 hours".

It was important for the client that the solution was closely linked to the core company values:

- Act with integrity

- Make a difference

-  Care

- Work together

- Reimagine the possible

During the afternoon, the participants each chose an activity to engage in:

- The Leisure Bank - the collection and fixing of leisure gadgets that anyone can borrow – a good alternative for those with limited funds and for the environment.

- Plogging – picking up litter while jogging, a great combo!

- Go for a walk with a pensioner - many pensioners, who are often alone, got a wonderful walk and new friends!

- Svartån - we cleaned the river from the shore and canoes.

- Mattias Alexandrov Klum lectured on the environmental problem - then we "Walk & Talked" and gathered for a giant Speed ​​Meeting. The results were collected digitally and the outcome was a number of wise and concrete tips on how PwC can reduce its climate impact.

- SMS lifeguard - we trained 180 new ones this afternoon.

- The Internet and children are not always an innocent story. Maria Dufva lectured on the topic and then 900 conversations were made to loved ones where we shared lessons in the subject.

- Heart & Lung Fund - we helped them make personal thank you calls to 290 of their donors.

- We built bird cages and a large insect hotel, planted trees and cleared massive quantities of invasive plant species.

- Coming as a refugee to a new country is not easy. Entering the labor market is one of many challenges. This afternoon we helped 60 new residents of Örebro to improve their CVs while giving them valuable tips.

Sustainability was the core of TUR2019 and had a minimal climate footprint. From start to finish, the plan was adapted and developed so that the sustainability policy would become reality. The crown of the work was the project 8.000 hours - which meant that PwC's employees set aside 8.000 working hours to create social benefits. In the anonymous digital measurements that were taken after the event, it was shown, among other things, that the participants to 86% felt that the event contributed positively to their understanding of how PwC works for a sustainable society. Mission accomplished!