ICT Company

The company needed to make the employees understand the new global strategy, to work together more clearly both internally and externally. The main focus was growth - which is why we built the event around the name "Growth Day". In this context, growth refers to both the company and the individuals - which was illustrated by a series of metaphors for example a stage design based on plants. 

The dialogue with the participants began long before the event through the event website, where the questions and information from the participants helped us to package the right agenda for the day.

On the event several people got the opportunity to talk on stage about how they work and to highlight the possibility for a clearer internal cooperation. There were very few Power Points, more stage talks, workshops, films and other forms of live communication under the direction of our moderator Bella Goldman.

We wanted to focus on the benefits the assembled group represents to the regions around the world. The evening mingle was therefore designed as a tribute from all over the world to the heroes present at the event. Food, décor, entertainment and culture from all continents was the perfect ending for a day full of strong impressions.

Said about the event: “Yes – you exceeded our expectations – mission accomplished. During my 20 years at the company my manager has never heard that many good reviews about an event before. All problems were solved with your excellent service”.

Result and effect of the meeting:

I feel that I understand and know our strategy: +9% I know what to do in order to support our strategy: +11%