After a long period of working from home, it became clear that Vasakronan were missing something – to meet. And meeting is something that can be done in several different ways. The solution was a digital kick off to start up the autumn in a live stream event full of interaction, conversations and movies.

·       We created humour, warmth and energy to the programme by adding easygoing elements throughout the event.

·       The eminent orchestra Poplabbet presented the viewers with live music.

·       The viewers interacted with the studio by asking and answering questions and also participated in several competitions. There was a photo challenge with the theme ”How would you interpret Vasakronans core values in one picture?” and ”Show us your most creative workspace at home?”.

·       All 300 guests were beforehand sent a cookie dough. This was then baked with instructions from the host and ended with a simultanous coffe break.

·       We offered the viewers to challenge Vasakronans CEO and in the end of the programme it became clear that they had voted for the CEO to sing a song with the band, which she of course happily did!