How can a cool start up in the IT industry be heard with all the noise from all digital events that are being launched today? Well, you just add a snowstorm and speakers from all over the world and mix it up in a wintry and cool studio on a hot late summer day in September…

Snowflake invited customers and partners to join in a live stream with presentations of the latest innovations within Snowflake Cloud Data. The moderator from Snowflake opened the event with a full on snowstorm on a winter decorated stage and had inspirational guests in both physical och digital form from all over the world joining him. The programma also contained debates and live breakout rooms with participants from all of Scandinavia. Guests could also chat with Snowflake employees and get answers in real time.

We also shot behind the scenes interviews with guests and partners, material was later used in promotional purposes for Snowflake in social media.