We are Creative Meetings

With a high level of commitment we create, project manage and deliver meetings and events with a focus on B2B and B2E. Since we are ”borderless” we follow our clients wherever they want to meet their audience, both physically and digitally.  

We do this because our clients’ meetings and events are our passion. We do everything we can to make our client a hero at their workplace. We do this by carefully and efficiently preparing, planning, producing and implementing meetings and events together with our clients and our suppliers – as a team throughout the entire process.

The ultimate proof that we have succeeded is a happy and returning client. And of course, having employees who stay in the company for a long time is a huge part of our success. We are a family that stay together.


  • 1999 The company is founded in Stockholm
  • 2002 The 100th event is conducted
  • 2006 The 1000th event is conducted
  • 2012 We change our name to Creative Meetings
  • 2016 We buy our colleague Inspiration
  • 2017 The turnover is above 100 million SEK for the first time
  • 2018 We get a new principal owner - the publicly traded company Unlimited Travel Group and at the same time we get eight talented sister companies
  • 2019 The 5000th event is delivered
  • 2020 Shift focus towards digital events due to C19
  • 2022 Lotta Karlsvärd takes over the role as MD from Peter Winitsky. A turnover of close to 200 mkr
  • 2023 The 6000th event is delivered
  • 2024 We turn 25 years!

Our responsibility & sustainability

For us at Creative Meetings, it is important to strive for a sustainable present and future. When living in a world that is constantly changing in many ways, it is important to sometimes slow down and reflect. For us as individuals it can sometimes feel like what we do has no effect – but if we all act, we can all make an impact.


Creative Meetings wants to offer an attractive and developing workplace, where everyone is treated equally irrespective of gender, race, national origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We all promote a safe workplace.

In the office we sort our waste and recycle the materials we use. When purchasing new office materials, we select products that are eco and fairtrade certified to ensure the products are better from a sustainability perspective.   

Every year we perform a climate report that gives us an overview of the business’s climate impact and a basis for us to reduce our impact. The climate report is based on the GHG Protocol Standards and include greenhouse emissions from business travel, energy and office materials.

Carbon offsetting is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reduce the global climate impact and reach the climate goals of the Paris Agreement. Reducing climate impact and financing climate solutions goes hand in hand.


In conjunction with each event, we charge a nominal fee that is donated to Ronald McDonald Children's fund on behalf of the client. In addition to this we also donate an amount of money after each finalized project.


Regardless of what type of event, we want to encourage sustainable choices and we prioritize elements with reduced climate footprint from the very start of the event process. Therefore, we base our work on a checklist developed to create sustainable events with a focus on social, financial, and environmental sustainability.

When travel is required for events, we encourage our clients to travel by train instead of flying if possible. When presenting air fares, we always include the carbon offset cost.  

We also give our clients the option to carbon offset their entire event through www.klimatkompensera.se


Contact: Lotta Karlsvärd


The Podcast Eventpodden

Do you listen to podcasts? In addition to events, we think it is the second-most fun thing there is. Especially “Eventpodden” hosted by our good friend Jonas and our colleague Carl.

They talk to people with a lot of knowledge from the event industry. If you listen to all episodes you will learn more about everything from which destinations that are the best, to how a conference moderator thinks and how to create sustainable event menus.

Subscribe to the podcast using your favourite podcast app.

Unlimited Travel Group

Together with 8 other travel and event companies Creative Meetings forms the modern travel and event corporate group Unlimited Travel Group (listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market). Strong passion, curiosity and a joint focus on quality in every dimension unites us. We put our clients' experience first and foremost. Each and every one of us is a passionate specialist – together we are UNLIMITED.

Read more about Unlimited Travel Group here


Business trips, conferences and events

Business offers include business trips, tailor-made conferences and events.