SPP Theme day

How do we go from “I hear” to “I do”? This was the crunch for this event. We located the event at Fryshuset, since SPP recently had initiated a sponsorship collaboration with them.

We chose to eliminate theatre seating and the typical Power Point marathon – we had the participants participate instead using a dialogue system and workshops. Cabaret-style performances involving the employees resulted in a huge commitment, but when they met the first division team 08 Stockholm in a game of basketball the challenge was too difficult.

Fryshuset is an organisation that works with young people, especially those living in social exclusion. They make the young people write a letter to themselves with promises for the future. All the employees at SPP had to do the same thing.

Noted results from the event:

I want to take an active part in moving our culture – 5,5/6

Since the SPP Day I have made a change to contribute to a cultural shift: 80% (after one week!)

I will help to create even better sales opportunities for us: 5,6/6