Reitan Riksmöte

Reitan Convenience gathers almost 1000 people each year; franchisees, suppliers and employees in the service office - to a two-day national meeting. The participants get to take part in a very ambitious stage program that moves everyone and which in a remarkable way blends benefit with pleasure. Added to this is an extensive expo and great social events. ​

Attending this national meeting is the highlight of the year for the vast majority and every year there is a measurable increase in sales generated immediately after the gathering. Recently, Stockholm and the Globe hosted - this time on the theme "Passion". The Swedish television host Gry Forsell was the MC, we met guests who shared their passions – both private and professional.

You quickly realized that in order to achieve success you have to love what you are doing - otherwise you can’t go all the way. The measurements after the event showed an increase in both pride and inspiration, as well as the understanding of the head office's investments.