In 2018, Ramboll stepped in as a new title sponsor for the Stockholm Half Marathon - an iconic race dating back to the 1920s and, with its sponsorship, wanted to lift the entire race to new levels and build Ramboll's brand in Sweden stronger. This was going to be succeeded with several different activations for different target groups.

We had the pleasure of helping Ramboll with this and together create;

• A VIP area where Ramboll's employees and specially invited guests could come before the race to eat a healthy lunch, get information about the race, and leave their things until after the race – at this time they could even get a massage for their tired muscles.

• A Ramboll tent in the sponsor area where the aim was to introduce Ramboll to the runners in Sweden. This was done through branding and a booth. The visitors could also participate in a digital and interactive competition where the contestants had to scan QR codes placed on various locations. Each QR code contained information about Ramboll's projects and activities, which were answered at the end of the competition. All participants in this competition received a giveaway, and the winners got free starting places for the race in 2019.

• A stand called Ramboll Public Cheer zone with a DJ playing music for the runners and the audience and two MCs from Ramboll speaking live during the race. We distributed material to the audience to create custom-made cheer plates and the audience was offered a premium place to sit and watch the race as the runners passed by on two occasions.