Proact Sync

Proact Sync

Creative Meetings helped the IT company Proact to upgrade their annual client event with a substantial increase in quality to an event that focused 100% on interaction and dialogue with the participants.  The client event Sync has since then maintained high quality with very satisfied visitors and a good reputation in the industry. However, even after a few years, a success also needs a rebirth. Now we wanted to focus even more on innovation. And how do you change an already winning formula?

The solution was five events in one - five different meetings in a unified forum. An open meeting room with completely free mobility where the participants chose what knowledge they wanted. Listen traditionally to the stage, exchange experiences in roundtables, find out about the latest product news at the demo corners, meet all the vendors in a speed-meeting fair or visit hands-on labs with technical focus.

There were no real coffee breaks - coffee and freshly squeezed juices were served all day in the room to further frame the feeling of a large meeting square. All events were going on in parallel in the same room, which provided great energy and a positive pulse throughout the day, in contrast to traditional client events, which often lack dynamism and true freedom of choice.

With this arrangement, the suppliers, an often down-prioritized group, also received a maximum of transmission time to the senior target group, which resulted in the highest rating in the evaluation. Internally, Sync became an arena that clearly articulated Proact's offer to the market and wherever it is heading. The format was such a success that it was reused on the company's global staff kick-off in 2019. Sync was held in Stockholm and Gothenburg with 250 participants. Comments like "the best event I've ever been to" were nice to read after a lot of hard work.

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